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Trailer Aluminum

Need to replace your trailer's exterior skin? Want a new color? Need to replace your roof? We have the materials you need to repair or replace your trailer's aluminum components without the heavy cost of buying a new trailer. We have several aluminum extrusions available to complete your project as well.

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.050 Beveled Aluminum Sheet

Upgrade to thicker .050 from our standard .030 skin sheets.

.125 Aluminum Tube

Raw aluminum tube. Measures 1"x1.5"x21'

12 x 3/4 Self Tapping Skin Screw

12 x 3/4 self tapping, double square, truss head screw. Clear 16.

4" Deluxe Flat Top Trailer Rail

The 4" deluxe top rail features a "c" extrusion and adds more flash to your flat top than a standard.

4" Flat Top Trailer Rail

Add a finishing touch to the roof of your flat top trailer by adding this 4" extruded aluminum rail.

Aluminum Forced Air Heater Box

Aluminum enclosure for Mirage's forced air heater.

Aluminum Forced Air Heater Box and Component Parts

Component parts and complete assembly of our aluminum enclosure for Mirage's forced air heater.
From $20.00

Aluminum Skin Sheets - Custom Cut Sheets

Custom cut pieces of our .030 and .025 aluminum.

Aluminum Skin Sheets - Full Sheets

.030, .025, .024 Aluminum Skin Sheets. Perfect for exterior and interior wall lining.

Aluminum Tread Plate (ATP, Diamond Plate)

.025, .030, and .045 Starbrite Aluminum Diamond Plate.

ATP Front Stoneguard, Rock guard

.025, .030, and .045 Starbrite Aluminum Diamond Plate stoneguards provide protection for the front of your trailer.

Insert End Caps (Mill Finished)

Use these aluminum end caps over your inserts to create a finished, professional appearance.

Interior Rear Corner Wraps

Interior corner wraps add a finished look to the interior corner posts of your trailer.

Rear Corner Wraps

Rear corner wraps add a finished look to the rear exterior of your trailer.

Trim-Lok PVC Locking Trim

Standard trim is a flexible PVC Trim with metal clips inside to provide a permanent grip.

8' Aluminum Angle - 1 x 1

Mill finished aluminum solid angle is perfect for commercial, industrial, and residential use. The 90 degree, 'L' shape is ideal for various applications. Measures 1 x 1 x .063.
$13.52 $10.40

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