Trailer Roofing

If you're looking for products to repair our upgrade your the roof on your enclosed trailer, look no further than Mirage Trailer Parts. Mirage offers a galvanized sheet metal, sealants, exterior roof wraps, and sealants to ensure that your trailer is free of leaks, and other structural issues.

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4" Deluxe Flat Top Trailer Rail

The 4" deluxe top rail features a "c" extrusion and adds more flash to your flat top than a standard.

4" Flat Top Trailer Rail

Add a finishing touch to the roof of your flat top trailer by adding this 4" extruded aluminum rail.

Mirage Trailers Front Caps

Replacement front caps for Mirage enclosed trailers.
From $275.00

Mirage Trailers Front V-Nose Caps

Replacement front caps for Mirage v-nose enclosed trailers.
From $380.00

Mirage Xtreme Trailers Front Caps

Replacement front caps for Mirage Xtreme Sport and Xtreme Snow enclosed trailers.
From $595.00

Roof Bows

Replace roof bows, hat bows in your Mirage trailer.
From $81.25

Rubber Roof

WHITE EPDM Rubber Roofing/Waterproofing Membrane, 8.5 Wide.

Xecutive 100" Black Front Cap

For 8.5' Wide Mirage Xecutive enclosed trailers

Xecutive 100" White Front Cap

For 8.5' Wide Mirage Xecutive enclosed trailers

.080 Aluminum Roof Wrap Cove 8'

The .080 Extruded Aluminum Roof Cove will provide maximum protection for your valuables from leaks and the elements. Ideal for replacement or upgrade from .030 wraps.
$67.60 $52.00

Cast Aluminum Corner (Standard Rear)

These standard, cast aluminum corners make a perfect corner-finishing solution for any flat top trailer.
$25.35 $19.50

Deluxe Cast Aluminum Corner (Rear)

Our deluxe cast aluminum corners add style to function. Heavy 'C' extrusions provide a professional look to the corners of your flat-top trailer.
$42.25 $32.50

Galvanized Sheet Metal - 22 Gauge

This 22 gauge galvanized sheet metal is ideal for a variety of industrial, commercial, and residential use. Makes great roofing for enclosed trailers.
From $13.00

OSI QUAD - Roof Sealant

OSI QUAD Window, Door & Siding Sealant is an advanced formula sealant designed for superior performance on exterior window, door, siding and trim applications.
From $9.00

Polished Cast Aluminum Front Corner

These polished aluminum cast corners make an outstanding aesthetic addition to the front corners of your flat top trailer.
From $150.00

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